Monday, 22 April 2013

Pogreb X - Advokat

Satan Panonski, whose real name was Ivica Čuljak, was a controversial Yugoslavian punk vocalist, poet and artist from Vinkovci, Croatia. In 1978, he visited family in Germany, found punk rock, and was changed forever, starting the band Pogreb X in 1980.
Within a few years, he was charged with murder (after a fistfight with a stranger ended poorly for the stranger), spending several years locked up. Later, due his outspoken homosexuality, he was secreted away in mental institutions. Upon release in 1985, he donned his new moniker, and began to stage-read “punk” poetry, as well as perform his brand of “body art”, which was, basically, to slash himself to bits. A sort of GG Allin, but with political purpose. After the Yugoslav wars began, Panonski became rather nationalistic, but still producing a library of poetry aimed at the State. He later joined the Croatian armed forces, and was killed under mysterious circumstances.

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